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To provide safety is our mission. ICE GROUP OF TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED aims at working for the beneficence of mankind by promoting products that ensure a safe and healthy environment. In this era of globalization and machines, life safety concerns have been increased as more we are entangled by toxic and hazardous chemicals more we are at risk of facing health hazards and incidents. To ensure the safe environment we have introduced ICEBALL i.e. Auto fire extinguisher.


ICEBALL – Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Ice Ball will be first ever self-activating handheld extinguishing device available commercially in the Pakistani market.

We have grasped the real need of people living in different environments to easily deal with fire so we aim to distribute through partnerships this revolutionary globally patented technology.

Our company offers value added logistics services and comprehensive warehousing, providing easy access to global markets. The distribution services can be scaled in order to adapt to customer’s needs and also to meet the delivery service requirements for our product.

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Our Testimonials

I was completely guided about the product and also my whole team practiced the ICEBALL fire extinguisher individually and found it very easy to use and reliable.

Zak ReidInstructor, Skate Nao

Fire can be any where and any time. In our home or in our office. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our families save from its hazard. For this I am using ICEBALL and I am highly satisfied from its operation.

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

I have been taking fire as an easy stuff. But after a once experience with it I thought to have a safety precaution for it. So for this I recommend ICEBALL.

Eve CrawfordTravel Agent

ICEBALL is one of the best fire fighting product that I have ever used in my office and home. I strongly recommend everyone who love their families for the use of ICEBALL as the first safety product.

Aura BrooksDrama Artist
Keep Your Eyes on Safety

Where ICEBALL can be installed at


ICEBALL fire extinguisher can be installed inside or outside the house. It will protect your family members from fire hazards.



ICEBALL fire extinguisher can be installed inside or outside the offices. It will protect your office and its resources from fire hazards.


During the emergency time any mishap can occur related to fire. So ICEBALL if installed will reduce the chances the fire and its consequences.


Our kids are our future. We have to protect them from all kind of safety hazards. ICEBALL is the best fire safety equipment to protect your children in schools.


Engines heat in the vehicles can lead to a big fire. ICEBALL if installed in the vehicle will operate automatically and will save many lives.


ICEBALL can be installed on the airports and can provide safety to all the visitors or passengers from the fire.
High Quality. Easy to Operate. Quick Operation
No Maintenance Required. Just Buy and Install

ICEBALL – Automatic Fire Extinguisher